From TSW to Living Life Again

TSW is a painful process that is both poorly documented and evaluated. The evidence that it works is minimal, if it exists at all. While the vast majority of medical professionals do not believe in TSW, the internet is rife with reports that ceasing all use of topical steroids can have a beneficial effect. While the jury is still out on this hypothesis, there are hundreds of people who are now reporting that even after years of topical steroid withdrawal, their symptoms and pain only increased while all aspects of increased health benefit decreased. Please be aware that topical steroid withdrawal lacks the scrutiny and support of all science that laymen purport as evidence of the condition. The haphazard approach to TSW can lead to massive amounts of inflammation in the body and inflammation is largely responsible for the vast majority of health issues that occur in the body. The following video highlights a large number of individuals who engaged in the painful process of TSW and ultimately found a safer alternative to TSW, allowing the body to heal in a pain-free manner, respective of good health and the many benefits that accompany it – all while ridding the body of atopic eczema and the associated redness that many believe to be the result of topical steroid use.

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