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Healing Naturally vs Topical Steroids

You don’t need to suffer through topical steroid withdrawal (TSW). There are hundreds of people in the Dr. Aron Facebook group who tried TSW first. It didn’t work and they were later cured of it on the Aron Regime. RSS doesn’t exist when using topical steroids (TS) as Dr. Aron prescribes. TSW groups attempt to convince everyone they need to suffer and it’s the only way to heal. They post inspirational suffering quotes and glorify the entire process of suffering. It’s unnecessary. There are hundreds of blogs and posts from people who were in the TSW groups first.. with full RSS symptoms, red sleeves, burning, hot skin immediately following cessation of steroids, etc.  Not a single person has RSS symptoms now. I personally believe it’s a completely made up condition (some, such as the NEA call it highly unlikely but possible)  – and I base this on research as well as personal experience. Very few doctors or health “professionals” think steroid addiction is real and in promoting it, they don’t consider the alternative. I’m uncertain as to why anyone would want to trust a doctor who refuses to consider all possibilities and the one doctor who ardently preaches this seems to have a motive all his own. It is unfortunate.

Why do all Dr. Aron patients (in a group of nearly 10,000 people – many of which believed they too had RSS before treatment) get cured of RSS symptoms? Steroids are not the enemy. They are being prescribed wrong conventionally and this leads to inflammation being reduced (as TS are supposed to do) and the bacterial element being more easily spread. This creates the “red” that is so common post TS treatment, when the inflammation returns. We see it on a daily basis in the Dr. Aron group – and we see it cured and gone on a daily basis, with only the underlying eczema left (of which there is no cure but is very easily manageable at this point). I have witnessed this first hand with a patient who became worse under conventional steroid usage and thrived under the care of Dr. Aron. He rarely has to use anything on his skin anymore. I completely understand why TSW advocates believe TS are the problem, as the role of bacteria in eczema wasn’t fully understood at the time the skin appeared to be getting worse after using TS, so a couple doctors took their best guess. They just happen to be wrong and they refuse to see what is happening right in front of them. One doctor in particular issued a lot of research papers before the Aron Regime became popularized so of course, he stands to look the fool (in his mind) if he changes his opinion. He’s more keen on feeling like a hero and I understand that.

I understand the desire to “heal naturally” and as an adult, I commend you on your choice if you can achieve that. The promise of this is alluring and it sounds like the healthiest version of you but you should know that some people simply cannot heal naturally – and that in the case of children, who are still developing in so many ways, there are often many more risks to not using prescribed medications. Sometimes, medicine is simply the best options, despite the many blogger “experts” who try and warn you otherwise.

There are many different skin types. There are people over 10 years in to TSW, believing they are addicted and suffering for no reason all of this time because of misinformation being spread by a single doctor who simply based his conclusions (and his beliefs still today) on what he saw when prescribing TS conventionally. There are kids I’ve seen subjected to TSW for 3 and 4 years (and still going) despite early claims that it was supposed to last only a fraction of time as was the TS use. What happened to those percentages? Why are so many kids not healing and being forced to suffer so long? Some kids have been in TSW twice as long as they used TS. That’s absurd. Some people will suffer the rest of their lives for this belief that is nothing more than propaganda. In economics, it’s called the Sunk Cost Fallacy and it’s what keeps people continuing with TSW, despite enduring constant pain and having no quality of life. Consider the emotional/social impact of TSW on a child and consider the physical processes that are impeded by allowing the amount of suffering that has become acceptable as part of the TSW culture. TSW groups are full or horror stories on a daily basis and they become the norm. People get so used to seeing those stories of suffering that they accept the associated pain as “part of the healing process”. They have created a culture where pain and suffering are glorified.

Yes, some people will heal naturally. It is the nature of skin that in time, it will heal for many people – but it is never with all. When people see these healing stories from others going through TSW, they get excited and offer it as proof that TSW works but quite simply, correlation does not imply causation. That’s rarely considered in the groups and should always be. These healing stories spurn people on but this in no way means the next person will see the same results. Quite factually, there are far less people being healed in TSW groups that reports of being healed.  “Stay the course” is all that is offered.

Some people need topical steroids to treat eczema. When prescribed and used correctly (as with the the Aron Regime), they are perfectly safe and highly effective. There are thousands of people using TS in the Dr. Aron group.  There has never been a single reported side-effect of TS usage on the Aron Regime. Remarkable. Clearly, TS aren’t the devils they are made out to be. Roll the dice and cross your fingers if you’re going to subject you or a loved one to TSW – or simply don’t believe the hype. Understand that “healing naturally” doesn’t guarantee healing. In a Risk vs Benefit analysis (that is fairly evaluated), Dr. Aron wins far more often. There is much to be said for quality of life – especially when it comes to a child suffering with a debilitative condition and in need of relief.

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