The following testimonials are all from parents that have used Dr. Aron to treat their children. Many of these individuals had tried multiple specialists without success for years. Dr. Aron was able to restore the skin and give the children almost instant and permanent relief from itching and severe eczema. If you wish to correspond with any of these parents and ask questions, they can be found on Dr. Aron’s Facebook Discussion Group.

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Rebecca Fenby

Iris: Age at start of treatment: 4 year 8 months. Iris had mild eczema in her joints as a baby. This slowly spread to other areas including across her collarbone, down both arms, and across her lower back and buttocks. With every increase in potent steroid and every attempt to ‘step down’ applications, it rebounded worse than ever and often in new places. We finally engaged Dr. Aron, and within days of starting the treatment, her skin had become more smooth and supple and the itch was gone. Within a month, you could barely see where she had ever had eczema. She has gone from strength to strength since, and is now on a very minimal maintenance treatment over the winter: one app every five days. Her skin is perfect.

Bea was about 20 months when she started the treatment. She was diagnosed by our GP with eczema at 8 months of age and was quickly bumped up the steroids and emollients until her treatment regime mirrored her sister’s, who is three years older and has a completely different spread of eczema. Bea was covered neck to ankle. Like her sister, whenever we tried to step down steroid applications, she would flare worse than ever. Finally, we stopped the steroids altogether while I searched for a solution. During the two weeks between stopping steroids and finding Dr. Aron, she could not sleep for more than two hours at a time, day or night. She scratched constantly. It was a nightmare. On the second day after starting the creams, she slept for four hours in one go. Six hours the next night. All night long by the fourth day. She has also gone from strength to strength, and while she is more prone to flares than her sister, what with being more immature physically and more prone to viruses, the flares calm quickly, and she too is already on a low maintenance regime of one application of cream every three days.

Dr. Aron has transformed their skin and their lives. We will never stop being grateful that we found him.

Rebecca Fenby
Silvia Gramuglia

My little girl has had eczema since she was a month old. Now I know it wasn’t milk spots as those patches and rash-like appearance on her face wouldn’t go away with time and kept coming back on the same places. She was a pretty happy baby despite eczema taking over slowly her whole body week after week, months after months. GPs (UK) were not helping. We tried almost every moisturiser available plus steroids and antihistamines (she was 2 months old). They were not making any difference but all the opposite. The red patches would come back with more fury.

My little girl couldn’t travel on the car seat for longer trips than 10’. Bathing time was a 2 person battle. Carpets were causing her to flare. Choosing clothes to dress her were limited to 100% cotton. The plastic bib or food on her skin would cause her to get a flare or hives. She couldn’t step over grass nor crawl over it as the flare would be huge! No perfumes, make up, creams were allowed at home as she would get hives. We changed the laundry soap so many times. No heating in her room. No fleece nor thick blankets. Hands covered all day and night (she was only months old so this was delaying her to learn how to grab things). I couldn’t leave her alone or she would scratch until bleeding. Her mood started to change while she was growing older. Her attention span would be limited just to scratch with a lost eyesight into nowhere. We were weaning her and wouldn’t want to try new foods as scratching against the highchair would be all she wanted to do.

We started asking for referrals to see private Drs as the NHS times to see specialists would take too long (GPs had already told us that was all they could do for us and that there was nothing else to give us for eczema). All we kept hearing was that she would grow out of it and that we should use Vaseline as it was the purest type of moisturising I could use. A health care visitor was alarmed to see My little girl in the state she was with no other care as Vaseline and hydrocortisone. She suggested the dietician route as she was 5 months old and starting to wean from milk (what I didn’t know was that that appointment wouldn’t arrive until she was 1 year old! which was useless by then). However, I kept her in a very simple diet of vegetable purees until she was near a year old as per all I was reading and was so scared to give her anything that would make her to flare! So she wasn’t gaining enough weight either.

At 6 months eczema took his toll. She got a breast abscess what lead her to urgent hospitalisation and surgery as she could have got septicaemia. Things got worse and with private Drs doing little but changing her formula to hypoallergenic one and giving her Dermol as lotion and bath additive, that would irritate her skin so much that would be seen and felt like burnt skin.

9 months old and My little girl ended up hospitalized again. Her body covered head to toes in spots. Eczema taking over her life. 4 agonising days and nights were fever could not be brought down easily.The nightmare of IV antibiotics, antivirals, antihistamines and 50:50 ointments covering her body. And the screaming and desperate cry of my baby that will stay forever in my head, while ripping out the hand bandages and IV cables from her veins over and over again in the desperate try to scratch. Drs trying to find veins where there were no more healed ones left. And specialists and consultants not having a clue what was going on with her. Some of them thought she had chicken pox, some others E. herpeticum.

And we were sent home again with no plan ahead of us, not a single answer. I had almost no more strength left. Not having answers not a single person or Dr to trust or help. We were confined at home. Living over and over again the nightmare of eczema taking over My little girl’s life. How can you imagine her future when all this only happened in her short 9 months of life?

So I started looking for groups of eczema on line. I needed to connect with someone who was going through the same so badly! And found two mums talking about Dr Aron in a facebook group and how he changed their lives. I didn’t doubted it a minute. What could it be worse that all what my baby had been through at 9 months of age! I was prepared to give it a go. So we booked an appointment which was the last one available before he flew to South Africa and traveled 3 hours to see him. After that day, our lives changed enormously. We followed every single instruction he gave us in detail. 2nd day and My little girl was a different baby. It was like getting to know the real Sofi. Her hands were uncovered for the first time in her life. She could crawl for the first time through carpets and floors, travel in the car seat like any other baby would. And improvement followed from that day onwards.

We have been under the treatment for more than a year now. My little girl is going to be 2 years old and couldn’t be a happier and healthier little girl.

All I would like is for other families or children out there in a similar situation to know that a way of living with eczema under control is possible. And with Dr Aron’s regime eczema will not take over your life anymore. And that your life can be as normal as it should. The treatment is safe. Steroids are so diluted that you don’t get even close to what conventional dermatologists would give you in one single application. And Dr Aron will be at your side guiding you through all the treatment. He really cares about his patients. He saved us.

Silvia Gramuglia
Jennifer Hunt Cornell

A day in the life of Joseph before we found Dr Aron was a typical day of an eczema sufferer….constant itching, tears at bath time, infections, blood stained bedding, wet wrapping and paste bandages before bed, lack of appetite and crying over silly things. Our life revolved around Joseph’s skin. I remember a week before we learnt of Dr Aron, I posted a tweet on Twitter asking for a miracle and someone up there must have been looking down on us because we found it! Within 24 hours of using Dr Aron’s treatment, we could see a remarkable difference, not only in Joseph’s skin, but his temperament too, and unbelievably he didn’t seem to be scratching at all! I was speechless! He also had that cheeky glint in his eye which he hadn’t had for such a long time!Bath times are no longer a screaming match, in fact quite the opposite, he loves them so much we struggle to get him out! Makes a lovely change from struggling to get him in! He’s also put on weight, after regaining his appetite, and he has made lots of new friends as he is able to socialise more. Our lives have changed literally over night and are no longer dictated by Joseph’s skin. We will never be able to thank Dr Aron and Kate enough for giving our boy his childhood back. We will forever be grateful for their help, kindness and understanding and I urge anyone who suffers with this condition or who’s child suffers to get in touch with them. It will be the best decision you ever make!

Jennifer Hunt Cornell
Soumya Adya

My 18 month old has suffered from Atopic Eczema(dermatitis ) since she was 4 weeks old. She was initially manged by her GP , but as she started getting secondary bacterial infections and the eczema was not responding to hydrocortisone any longer, we got referred to the hospital to see a pediatric dermatologist. The strength of steroid cream was bumped, we were advised to use it for longer periods of time before weaning down, moisturise 6 times a day, bandage to reduce the damage from scratching, wet wrapping during flare ups , using a soap substitute for baths,anti-histamines( we tried different ones) etc etc. All of these led to no improvement and my husband and I felt pretty hopeless and frustrated. The scratching was driving us insane and we had no social life.

Then we heard about Dr.Aron on a FB support group. Within 24 hours of starting our daughter on his treatment, life changed. Our girl was no longer scratching and with every passing day her skin healed. Within 7-10 days we had a happy child with healthy looking and feeling skin.

Soumya Adya
 Amanda Laird

This wee (well not so wee anymore!) group has restored my faith in humanity! I was at such a low ebb….struggling with day to day life. My poor wee soul was in agony, not sleeping and so grumpy…..then I stumbled across the amazing Dr Richard Aron one sleepless night while trawling through the internet in a desperate bid for some help!! After several GPs failed my son and health visitors and social services weren’t interested…Everyone on the Dr. Aron Facebook page has been so kind and helpful!! The Dr himself has a heart of pure gold! Also one special lady has helped me an immeasurable amount lately…I won’t name her as she is too modest and shy to be named publicly….thank you so much Hun! I’ll never forget! Our life has changed so much!! I can now go to bed at a normal time, while my wee man sleeps soundly and comfy. He’s the happiest wee boy ever! We now have an easy, simple. happy life and it’s all thanks to Dr Aron, Kate and you lovely bunch!! I’m now looking forward to Christmas….simple things like being able to take him to see Santa for his first Christmas, going out to visit family, a walk in the snow together without him being in cotton bed clothes or skinnies….and him being content, comfy and happy!! I’m one happy mummy!! Thanks so much!! Xxxxx

Amanda Laird
Michelle Bailey

Hi Everyone, just thought I would post an update and information for people who are still trying to decide whether to take the leap. My son has had severe eczema since the age of 5 weeks, he’s now 4. He wakes up every night 4-5 times on average in an itchy frenzy and we have all been totally exhausted for so long. In the early days we used Eumovate but over the last few years have only used 0.5% hydrocortisone using just for holidays and special occasions not because he didn’t need stronger but out of choice, especially when I read about TSW, it absolutely terrified me to use steroids. We tried EVERYTHING to ‘cure’ my son.

When I came across Dr Aron, I really struggled with my decision. I was so worried about the steroid aspect of the mixture as we have always suffered with rebound eczema when coming off steroid cream. While we agonised over whether to take the leap of faith, my son went through the worse flare up he’s had in a long time so I put the 0.5% hydrocortisone on him twice a day for three weeks. His skin improved but I could still see the eczema underneath and he was still itchy and still not sleeping.

12 days ago we finally made the decision that enough was enough and after all you lovely people on here answered my fears we took the leap. One of my worries was that my son scratched so much and was such a bad sleeper that some of it was out of habit and Dr Aron’s treatment wouldn’t stop that but after 2 days of treatment he stopped scratching and slept right through the night and has continued to do so. His skin is silky soft and his eczema is 99% gone, all for a tiny bit on one finger that he picks a little so is taking longer to heal. We did six applications for 9 days (a little longer because we were on holiday) and for the last three days we are down to three applications and so far so good.

I can’t tell you the happiness last night in my heart to have my son sitting and cuddling me while we sang together without me worrying he’ll get too hot and itchy, him kneeling down to play without me telling him to stop kneeling because the back of his knees will get itchy, to see him fall asleep naturally without scratching and crying and wake up with a smile on his face after 11 or 12 hours of sleep and just to look at my boy and see the real beauty that was hidden under this horrible disease. I still can’t believe he isn’t itchy and keep coming into the room to check he’s not scratching when he’s sitting watching TV. I feel awful for how my son suffered and it is a dream to see him comfortable in his own skin. I feel sad that he suffered for so long, so for anyone wondering whether to do this for their child, I felt your fears and agonised but honestly wish I had started three weeks earlier.

Michelle Bailey
Sheila Murray

My daughter Anna started using Dr Aron in July 2014, aged 5. Anna had less severe eczema than many of Dr Aron’s patients but it was still impacting massively on our whole family’s life. We were applying a potent steroid every week but her skin was never clear for more than a few days at a time and she was always itchy.We started applying Dr Aron’s cream 5 times a day, all over her body (fortunately her face was not affected) and, with a matter of two days, we noticed a difference. Two more days later, we got rid of the Scratch Sleeves which Anna had slept in every night since she was a few months old. It was almost as though she didn’t have eczema any more – her skin was silky smooth and the itch was gone. We are now in month 4 and down to one application every 3 days to Anna’s torso and back and one application a day to her arms and legs. We hope to step down further soon.A year ago I would never have dreamed that eczema would have taken a backseat in our lives. It’s like it’s gone into remission. Anna loves the new itch-free self and we will all be forever grateful to Dr Aron for what he has done for us and so many other families.

Sheila MurrayGlasgow, Scotland
Elaine Richardson

Our Daughter is 13 and has suffered from terrible eczema most of her life.We had tried every treatment going, including 2 different immune suppressant drugs and nothing was working for her. We stopped her topical steroids, wrongly believing that they were to blame, and put her through months of TSW hell. We thought all our options had been used. After putting out a desperate online plea we were led to Dr Aron. Within days of starting his treatment our daughters life was turned around. Her skin began to settle and the itching disappeared. It was literally like a miracle. Shes going from strength to strength and her skin is improving by the day. After 18 months of absence from school she is now back full time and loving it. We’re so thankful to have found Dr Aron when we did and will be eternally grateful to him for saving our family and for giving our daughter a normal life.

Elaine RichardsonHer Skin and I - A Mothers Story
Debra Boult

My son started treatment when he was 8 years old, he is now 15 years old. He was born with eczema and we struggled keeping his skin under control. Other treatments stopped working for him. He never slept and was constantly getting infections and feeling unwell with constant visits to the GP and the hospital. The dermatologists wanted to try him on immunosuppresents.

After seeing Dr Aron on a popular morning tv programme we decided to contact him. Within days of starting treatment my son was sleeping through the night and itching less and he was happy! He had his quality of life back, we got our family life back! He has long periods where his eczema is in remission and when he does flare his eczema is under control now. Life’s great!

We will be forever thankful to Dr Aron for the care and support he provided in giving us our son back , ending his suffering,and to see him enjoying life as all children should!

Debra Boult

Dr. Aron changed our lives. It seems he understands some things that other doctors do not. Namely that nails are dirty…children’s nails are particularly dirty and eczema itches. As a result most eczema has staph. When you only treat the inflammation and dryness with steroids and moisturizer, you pretty much hide the infection then make it the perfect breeding ground for bacteria by adding moisturizer frequently. Then when the steroids aren’t able to mask the raging infection any more a stronger prescription steroid is used and then a stronger. The steroids are blamed rather than the failure to treat the infection. Oral steroids do not treat the infections in the skin the way topical antibiotics do. We’ve seen reduced intensity in the reaction from allergens (did you know that eczema flares can cause your body to create excessive histamines, which FINALLY begins to explain the relationship between allergies, eczema and asthma that no one has been able to explain to me since all this started), and we started sleeping through the night within 3 days of treatment for the first time since birth. Dr. Aron almost has more years successfully treating eczema than I have being alive. The combination of the three in a way that is tailored to each individual patient is I think what makes the next biggest difference. In reality the most frustrating thing for me in the whole process was realizing that my vet treats eczema in our dogs (hot spots) with antibiotics, and its the last thing anyone whose treated our son has considered.

Stephanie Mundell

Before Dr Aron, Controlled eczema meant having a few patches of eczema (cheeks, hands, ankles, feet) rather than the whole body.
Controlled eczema meant – a few patches but still expect the clear skin to itch.

Now with this treatment it has changed into:

  • No patch anywhere on the body.
  • No itching of clear skin.

For about the first 22 months of my son’s life, we had very low expectations of him ever being comfortable in his own skin. So glad that it’s a thing of the past now.

Archana Tomar

My daughter suffered from eczma since she was 6weeks old. We went through so much as everyone with a child with eczema knows. We tried diets, different meds, different countries etc and her eczema was still uncontrollable. Most gps/hospitals would say “she has the worst type of eczema we have seen”. When she was four/five her eczema seemed more controlled. My daughter looked a lot better. Then all of a sudden she started losing weight. The infections started all over. She seemed allergic to everything and anything. When she turned six she had one of her worst flares. The increase in steroids over the years started to scare me. Her skin was very red and angry. I googled red skin and worsening eczema. A lot of the tsw sites came up. I thought “this is my daughter”. I took her of all steroids. Her skin was red and becoming redder by the day. Her skin was weepy and she had more pustles (she was on antibiotics for over a year and still the infections where not clearing). She had mrsa,mssa,pvl staph and was picking up more infections.

I found out about Dr aron but I thought he was some kind of scam or too good to be true. A lot of mums on Facebook were talking of his treatment and how it saved their children but I felt we could not start with the steroids (we had no medical diagnosis – it was all me reading up). The dermatologists and the derm nurses thought I was crazy and told me tsw was happening but was very very rare. I joined most tsw groups and got alot of support from the mums. Things where just not getting better and on the groups, a lot of mums where praising Dr Aron and their children where healing. It was quite a confusing time for us.

For under a year I put my daughter through tsw but finally we had enough. She was suffering mentally physically in all aspects of her life. She had no joy to play and she was missing school. She became angry and frustrated. She was having problems with her emotions. June 2014, we started treatment with Dr Aron and my daughters life has changed for the better. She hardly misses school. She is happy. She laughs, sings and dances like any other seven year old. I do feel guilty for taking that year away from her and depriving her of so much. I wish I had started Dr Aron’s treatment sooner.

For the first time in seven years she has not had a infection. She sleeps through the night. She has gained so much confidence. She wears clothes she never could before. I could go on and on…..

Tsw does exist but is very very rare and to put a child through it is such a big step. Really think before you make such a bold move as there is another option.

Guzala Sh